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Just like Mr. Seth Godin himself concluded in his latest post on Sarahs visit to give out samples of her chocolate products, I too conclude that its not only a possibility or opportunity that Sarah (like any other business owner or manage... [Read More]


Dennis D. Balajadia

Sarah, you are my hero!

Thanks for becoming an inspiration to a lot of entrepreneurs like me. I agree with you that nothing beats being in the front lines when it comes to customer feedback!

Shawn Honnick

A Saturday well spent. Your product is great and I suspect you have more than just a few more new customers now! :-)

Sarah Endline

Dennis & Shawn -
Thanks for your comments -- it's tough but important work to be out in the field. :) Hope we'll meet out there someday.

Mary Anne Davis

Saw this on Seth's blog. Inspiring...

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