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That's so cool. I have an iPod, I will have to try that. :-)

Leonardo DiCaprio

Cool! I don't own an ipod, but Lindsay is always listening to hers in my smart car.


Found your blog 'cuz it got featured on the typepad login page. Well done!
I'm from a farm in Michigan too (cherries & peaches, no corn), and I also lived several years in the highlands of Guatemala. We loved coming down out of the cold mountains, down to the hot coast and drive by the cacao fincas. I could never stop looking at those bizarre trees when the pods were ready to pick. We used to buy homemade "chocolate casero" from our neighbor to drink sin leche. Now I'm in Turkey and miss all that. No cacao here, but we do have plenty of pistachios and almonds and sun dried apricots.
Were any of your producers affected by the hurricanes? Maybe for Earth Day you could support some local initiatives for sustainable agriculture?


actually, isn't this year's earth day is on the 21st instead?

Sarah E. Endline

There are events through out the weekend but the official day is April 22nd. :)

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